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Superior Air Parts is a truly ``Australian`` owned company which opened its doors in late 1993 with a staff of two at Archerfield Airport , Brisbane. We have grown considerably since those early beginings. Our goal at Superior Air Parts, is to offer the aviation consumer the most technologically advanced product in the industry. Our aviation products have proven performance, reliability and quality. Our worldwide distribution network assures a quick delivery to you the customer. Superior Air Parts continues to expand its aviation product lines to provide the best value and options available to satisfy all our valued customers needs.
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Whether it is a complete engine or an individual part, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products at competitive prices and the best customer service in the general aviation business. Feel free to get in touch with us for any aircraft part and service listed on our website.


At Superior Air Parts, we provide some of most technologically advanced aviation products. All our spare parts are of the highest standard and made to last. When dealing with us, you can rest assured about the quality.



With providing high-quality spare parts, the services we provide are also top-notch. Despite being affordable, we never compromise on the quality of services that we offer. Our eager to help attitude is one of the core reasons of our success.



For us, customer is the boss. We provide customised services prioritising the preferences of the client and aim to achieve their utmost satisfaction. We have tailored options available to meet all our valued customers’ needs.

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Superior Air Parts offers an extensive range of parts and services to cater for your every aviation need. Click on the links below for complete services and parts listing.
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Reliable Airplane & Aircraft Parts for a Great Flying Experience

Every single part is crucial for flying an aeroplane, and with even one part malfunctioning, an aircraft would lose the ability to fly optimally. The manufacturing of a plane has several stages, design, development, and construction. Each process adds components and parts to an aircraft necessary for its smooth flight operations. Superior Air Parts can provide you with the best quality airplane parts for a wide range of aeroplanes.

Whether you need small parts for regular maintenance in routine flying or you require particular parts for repairing and upgrading a plane, we have you covered. These parts are built after extensive research and development on international aviation standards.

Superior Air Parts delivers durable and long-lasting parts to our valuable customers for an enhanced customer experience. Our parts perform seamlessly despite the harsh weather conditions, including heat or cold. As a market leader in plane parts, we are a reliable supplier for all your related needs. Superior Air Parts offers everything irrespective of availability in our inventory. With years of aviation experience, we can arrange anything you require, making your flying experience safe and worthwhile.

What are the Most Common Parts of Airplane?

An aeroplane is a complex body with several advanced parts involved in flying. However, you need to frequently change a few as a part of your regular maintenance.

Following are the most common parts you will need;

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Oil Filters

Changing the oil filter and replacing it with newer oil is expected in automobiles. Similarly, an aircraft also need oil filter change according to its flying intervals. At Superior Air Parts, we have a wide range of high-quality oil filters. Regardless of which plane you own, we have got you covered.

Since aircraft requires more safety steps and arrangements than automobiles, they require certified mechanics even for smaller tasks. Hence, you need to hire a professional mechanic to change the oil filter in your plane.

Slick Magnetos

A slick magneto is a specific type of aircraft magneto. A slick magneto generates a voltage that ignites the engine via spark plugs. A magneto spins near a coil of wire. Each side of the magneto fires two spark plugs on each cylinder. Slick magneto can be different and depends upon your aircraft.

aircraft parts for sale

Superior Air Parts provides its customer with aircraft parts for sale, such as power converters, spark plugs and engines. Superior Air Parts has been in business for years. Thus, our vast experience in aviation makes us a reliable and reputed parts and services provider for aircraft.

We develop our parts with years of research and development going into the process. Therefore, our parts are long-lasting and come with excellent performance. Superior Air Parts offers its valuable clients an extending list of other services. In addition, we can arrange just about every part and assistance relating to your flying operations and routine maintenance.

What Makes Superior Air Parts the Best?

Flying costs significant money. However, if you have a trustable company on your side, you can save a buck while maintaining safety standards. Superior Air Parts offers parts and services at a very reasonable price. Therefore, our valuable customers can operate their planes at a lower cost and with better guidance. Superior Air Parts offers you the best services and parts whether you are an individual plane owner or you own a fleet for business or training purposes. Hence, at Superior Air Parts, we have our clients covered at all times with exceptional services.

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Get Air Plane Parts Conveniently without Worrying about the Quality 

Though there are several options for transportation, air transport is the fastest way for humans and shipments of goods; that’s why the aviation industry is booming at a rapid pace. People love to travel by air. Even during the pandemic, when air travel was reduced to a minimum, an Australian airline started domestic flights that landed at the same airport from where it began the journey.

The aviation industry is fascinating, with many wondering to know about aircraft. Avionics refers to a combination of electric computers, complex electronic circuitry, display units, flight controls, sensors etc. These air plane parts are crucial for any aircraft as the modern aviation industry is more about compact designed aircraft. The earliest aeroplanes were mainly used for warfare and military applications and relied heavily on radio frequency, mechanical components and limited electronic aircraft parts.

The research led to a radar system to detect enemies, which started a new era for electric navigational devices. During the 1970s, avionics technology was available for civil aviation, which boosted air travel to many folds. Avionics is still growing considerably, and we can observe navigational technology in commercial shipping.

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The majority of the funds are spent on research for manufacturing airplane parts. The aviation industry expanded commercial air travel and welcomed the privately-owned aircraft trend. Celebrities, business persons, media houses, and business owners love to have their private jets. An aircraft is a flying machine that requires maintenance checks and inspections after certain flying hours to ensure they are safe to fly. The maintenance schedule might require aeroplane parts replacement or some repair work.

Superior Air Parts

Superior Air Parts is a trusted name for genuine airplane parts. We started our journey in 1993 from Brisbane with only two staff members at Archerfield airport. We have now have expanded our operations globally to meet the maintenance needs of aircraft owners or private airlines.

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Whether you are searching for a limited number of aircraft replacement parts or replacing the aircraft engine entirely, we offer our clients the most advanced quality superior aircraft parts. Our inventory stockpile includes everything from essential to complex engineering kits for your flying bird.

We have partnered with brands known for their reliable range of superior air parts. Our inventory covers thousands of aircraft maintenance parts, including electronic ignition, spark plugs, oil filters, and slick magnetos. Moreover, we also have exciters, ignition leads, ignition harnesses, ignition systems, UPS, power converters, fuel injectors, and aerodynamic baffle kits. Furthermore, we also provide display units, windshields, and a list of maintenance tools that are handy to replace underperforming parts.

Superior Aircraft Engines

Superior Air Parts supplies a series of aircraft and helicopter engines, including XP-320, XP-360, XP-400 and XP-400SRE. This engine series is a performance-oriented, efficient and reliable companion to keep aircraft fuselage in the air with confidence.

airplane structure parts

Durable Airplane Structure Parts That Can Last for Years to Come 

The mechanical structure of an aircraft is called an airframe. The structure or airframe bears four divisions: fuselage, wings, tail, and undercarriage. The airplane structure parts include the components designed to manoeuvre the plane in the air and on the ground. The structural parts have thousands of small and large components and perform different tasks.

The primary flight controls placed on the wings and empennage (tail section) are elevators, rudder and ailerons. Seams, also known as joints, mount these

airplane parts

parts of the plane. Aircraft manufacturers use rivets, fasteners and bolts to mount these joints. The invisible air plane parts are designed in four ways: stamping, bending, extruding, and milling.

Majority of people who consider the outside of an aircraft include windshields, engines, propellers and wings. In contrast, the imagination about the inside of a plane is a cockpit, seats, seat belts, main body, and other cosmetic parts. These are only minor things that a non-specialist can assume. Instead, thousands of airplane parts function altogether to fly the plane. Due to the limited life of an aircraft, there is a need for inspection regularly to keep an eye on aircraft health.

The increasing number of flying hours could downgrade the performance of an aircraft due to the wear and tear of various structural parts and thus requires a comprehensive maintenance plan by the engineering department. So, aircraft owners, airlines and aviation companies need aftermarket aircraft replacement parts to keep their planes flying as they require.

Role of Maintenance Team

The maintenance team of any airline or private jet owner is crucial. They must schedule inspections to get the nerve of the aeroplane to get 100% accuracy and make sure that the flying will be delightful rather than a nightmare. The maintenance team must look for any possible damage to airplane structure parts to take corrective action timely.

Superior Air Parts

Superior Air Parts is an Australian company that initiated its journey from Archerfield Airport, Brisbane, in 1993. At the start, we only have two staff members have limited scope. Due to top-notch and premium quality products and services, we have become a trusted name in the aviation industry. We have partnered with dozens of certified aircraft replacement parts manufacturers, and we can supply aircraft parts for sale and even entire engines of the highest quantity. Some of our partners include:

Aviation Laboratory

Aviation Laboratory is a leading name to test the quality and performance of jet oil and hydraulic fluids and analyse oil filters’ content. We have working relations with them to provide you access to the laboratory reports of your airplane.

Donaldson Filters

Donaldson has more than 100 years of experience in making aircraft filters. Filters make our atmosphere clean and reduce or eliminate noise pollution. We have Donaldson filters range to filter the air, noise or aviation fluids.

Kelly Aerospace

We offer Kelly Aerospace products, including cabin haters, electrical accessories, turbocharging systems and filtration systems.

Aviation Product System

We supply FAA-PMA braking systems for aviation applications. Our aircraft braking system includes metallic and semi-metallic brake linings known for performance and cost reduction.

Why Superior Air Parts?

Superior Air Parts is a truly Australian company that started its journey from Archerfield Airport Brisbane in 1993 with just two staff members. We focus on providing premium superior aircraft parts and satisfying customer needs, making us a leader in the Australian aviation sector. We are now operating from Australia and have a global distribution network to provide air plane parts globally within the stipulated time frame. Our customers are individual aircraft owners, training schools, commercial aviation companies and military corporations. Our competitive prices attract many while our product line only includes superior aircraft parts.

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Superior Air Parts can meet the need of private aircraft owners, military applications, and commercial airlines. We have a global distribution network for the seamless delivery of airplane parts. We believe in the philosophy of providing quality to people for building long-lasting relationships. We can meet the customisation to satisfy the needs of our clients. Call us at +61 7 3717 4600 or write an email to us at