• Reconditioning of components for airworthy service according to our FAA approved processes;
  • Reconditioning of components for experimental, homebuilt and airboat applications;
  • Replacement of unserviceable components from our inventory of reconditioned, airworthy parts;
  • Provision of new parts from OEM and PMA manufacturers.

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Crankshaft Reconditioning Services

From decades of experience, our seasoned specialists have mastered every technique required to return the highest quality reconditioned crankshaft to you. From visual inspections to dimensional, magnetic particle and/or ultrasound methods, we identify all discrepancies before we begin our reconditioning processes.

Your crankshaft is machined according to our certified process specifications to restore critical characteristics. Nitriding follows under our round-the-clock supervision, using the system we developed specifically for aircraft crankshafts. The journals are polished to the correct microfinish, the flange is plated and new hardware is installed. Finally, our inspectors scrutinize the part before we return it to you. Our attention to detail in every repair is the foundation of our unsurpassed reputation.

Camshaft and Tappet Body Reconditioning Services

Every camshaft and tappet body is inspected using visual, dimensional and magnetic particle methods to determine reparability. We then restore critical wear surfaces according to FAA approved machining processes.

Our attention to detail is the key: Chamfer at the edge of newly reground faces and lobes is carefully blended; machined surfaces are compared for consistency and correct microfinish; the final product is re-inspected before we certify it. We are proud of the specialized processes we developed decades ago. And today, the quality of our work can be seen – and proven – in thousands of engines all over the world.

Other Reconditioning Services

In addition to our FAA approved processes for reconditioning crankshafts, camshafts and tappet bodies, we also supply the following reconditioning services:

  • Connecting Rods – Inspect, replace and hone bushings
  • Counterweights – Inspect, replace bushings, ream Lycoming bushings
  • Rocker Arms – Inspect, replace and size bushings, reface toe
  • Lycoming Crankshaft Drive Gear – Machine to conform to SB475
  • Starter Adapters and Oil Pump Assemblies – Overhaul
  • Crankcases, Accessory Cases and Sumps – Clean and inspect by visual, dimensional and fluorescent penetrant methods

Replacement Parts Services

In addition to reconditioning services, we also offer a wide variety of quality replacement parts.

New Parts – Representing manufacturers of OEM and PMA parts, we offer competitive pricing for all the new parts you need to complete your overhaul.

Reconditioned Parts – Using the same critical standards as for repairing your parts, we recondition a wide variety of parts for your purchase.