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An aircraft is a combination of thousands of visible and invisible components. A large number of the audience think about outside of an aircraft that includes wings, aircraft engine, body, landing gear, and propeller. While the inside of a plane, most people imagine cockpits and a cabin. There is a need to replace the aircraft parts from time to time due to wear and tear. There could be a need for cosmetic replacements, or rigorous maintenance work is need of the hour to make the aircraft safe to fly by meeting the minimum safety standards. The good thing is that the entire airplane isn’t become obsolete over the night due to any disrepair or fault; you can buy aircraft parts from Superior Air Parts, Brisbane, Australia.

Superior Air Parts Brisbane

Superior Air Parts started its operations in late 1993 with just two staff members and gradually expanded over time. Our mission statement is to provide our aviation clients with technologically modern aircraft parts to be compatible with trending aviation systems.


The 28 years of experience is a result of trust by our clients due to proven performance and quality services. We have a worldwide distribution network of air parts to meet the maintenance need of your aircraft. Whether you are a private jet owner or a commercial airline, Superior Air Parts Brisbane can meet the demand for small to large aircraft parts. Our philosophy helps us to expand further and offer our services without the limitation of international borders.

Superior Air Parts, Inc. USA is our partner and is a well-known manufacturer of Federal Aviation Administration approved replacement aircraft parts. Superior Air Parts USA manufacturers Continental and Lycoming aircraft engines. We can also provide the aftermarket aircraft parts and replacement engines to our clients. Our partner has built an XP-360 aircraft engine to cater to sports enthusiasts’ needs, known for reliable performance in the sports aviation industry.

We can meet your demand for individual aircraft parts or even replace the entire engine; our mission statement is to meet our clients’ expectations.

Guaranteed Performance

Superior Air Parts Brisbane provides various types of aircraft parts that may be part of the maintenance schedule or for cosmetic changes. Some of them include airframes, windshields, cables, hoses, aircraft engines, engine accessories, electrical and electronic equipment, engine tools, and thousands of other products and tools for aviation maintenance.

Aviation Laboratory Testing

Superior Air Parts Australia partners with Aviation Laboratories to facilitate our clients in testing the aviation oils, metal chip analysis, hydraulic fluids, fuel, and analyzing the oil filter contents. The bug test kit is helpful to locate the bacterial and fungus presence, if any, in jet fuel.

Reconditioning Services

We offer Crankshaft Reconditioning Services and Camshaft and Tappet Body Reconditioning Services. Some other Reconditioning Services includes:

  • Counterweights: inspection, replacement of bushes and ream Lycoming Bushings
  • Connecting Rods: it includes inspection, replacement, and hone bushings service
  • Starter Adapters and Oil Pump Assemblies Overhauling services
  • Rocker Arms: inspection and replacement and size bushings

Replacement Parts Services

We represent manufacturers of OEM and PMA parts. We quote affordable prices of new aircraft parts to reduce the overall cost of an overhaul.

Contact Us

If you are looking for reliable aircraft parts, you can contact us by calling at, Tel: +61 7 3717 4600. You can also write to us at