Durable and Lightweight Aircraft Plastic Interior Parts at an Affordable Price

The next-generation aircraft series targets high fuel efficiency, better safety and regulatory compliances. Modern airplane designs focus on reducing the weight of airplanes in many ways. One of them is to replace some of the interior aluminium parts with aircraft plastic interior parts to reduce the aircraft’s weight. As per studies, you can save about 1700 tons of aircraft fuel and 5400 tons of CO2 annually by only lowering the aircraft’s weight by 1 KG throughout the commercial fleet. Superior Air Parts offer thermoplastic plastic material solutions that are lightweight and are high-performance help to reduce the aircraft material weights dramatically.

Modern technology helps limit the weight of your flying bird and offers safety and increased comfort level of the cabin environment. One example is replacing the aircraft’s seat frames with the latest low-weight carbon fibre reinforced plastic or CFRP could reduce the weight of a 190 seat aircraft by 53 KG. On the other hand, these plastic aircraft parts are easy to recycle and helpful in saving bucks.


Aircraft Parts Replacement by Innovative Plastic

Earlier, aluminium was considered ideal for aircraft manufacturing as it is durable and about three times less in weight than steel. Now the researchers are finding ways to reduce the weight of flying machines further and increase the safety level. The manufacturers use plastic-based parts for structural support, armrests, footrests, coffee maker chassis, tray table arms, window frames, roof panels and even cockpits.

The good thing is that these plastic interior aircraft parts are flame retardant and fully adhere to the regulatory compliance, and come in opaque to transparent materials and meet the flame smoke toxicity level. These plastic materials for aircraft are safe, eco-friendly and reduce the operating costs for individual aircraft owners and commercial airlines as well.

Superior Air Parts

Superior Air Parts is a leader in after-market general aviation interior and exterior plastic aircraft parts. Your superior aircraft deserves superior air parts and superior services & support. Our global distribution network of partnership supplies aircraft replacement parts all across the world within a short time period. Our mission is to provide every client of Superior Air Parts an exceptional service that not only meets but exceeds well what is expected. We offer ultra-modern and efficient parts and services. Our product lines are mainly for personal and smaller airplanes including, Cessna, The Beeches, Mooney, Commander, Grumman, Commander and Lear Jet.

There could be aircraft parts that you may find hard to find as many of the earlier manufacturers may have closed their business. Superior Air Parts is still here to help you get the right aircraft parts. Our partners focused on lean manufacturing principles to reduce waste, increase productivity and continuous improvement.

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Our partners are elegant and use modern technology, and with a minimum workforce, offers technologically advanced aircraft maintenance parts at affordable prices. We offer a range of aircraft plastic interior parts for various planes, including Cessna, Commander, Mooney, Cirrus and Piper.

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