High-Quality and Reliable Aircraft Propellers and Spares for Your Airplanes

The outward visibility of an aircraft covers its parts that include wings, propeller, windshield, engines, landing gear, fuselage and tail section. The interior of an aircraft parts includes cockpit, seats and cabins. All of these sections are made up of various parts, and there are thousands of parts assembled in an aircraft to make it ready to fly in the air. Depending on the design, an aircraft propeller is the most important thing to make the machine fly. Due to the continuous running position, the propeller and its entire system must be inspected for any maintenance work. Superior Air Parts offers aircraft propellers and spares to its customers all around the world to make sure 100% accuracy in maintenance work.

Types of Propellers

We supply four types of propellers for your aircraft engine. Two of them are for piston-engine aircraft, and the remaining two are for Turboprop Engine Aircraft. Both of these aircraft have composite propellers and aluminium propellers.


Composite Propellers

Superior Air Parts is a partner of Hartzell, known for propeller manufacturing since 1917. The manufacturer has experience of 3 decades in design and manufacturing structural composite blades. Their second-generation Advance Structural Composite ASC-II blade was launched in 2006 and is in demand by OEM airframe manufacturers due to its characteristics, including light-weight, low life cycle cost and low inertia.

Aluminium Propellers

We can supply aluminium propellers that can range from 150 HP to 450 HP. The blended airfoil design that was launched in 2002 is less noisy. Our aluminium propellers are designed in a way that maximizes low-speed thrust.

What do we offer?

Our propeller product lines and spare parts include top prop kits, governors and parts, fixed pitch propellers, wood propellers, metal propellers and spinners. Whether you need to replace an aircraft engine or an individual aircraft part, we provide our customers with excellent customer service and the best quality product lines to enhance your experience. We offer a market-competitive price plan that no one can beat. Our product line is for individual aircraft owners, commercial aviation companies, airlines and military aviation.

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