Durable Airplane Structure Parts That Can Last for Years to Come

The mechanical structure of an aircraft is called an airframe. The structure or airframe bears the four divisions, including fuselage, wings, tail and undercarriage, to mount all systems. The airplane structure parts include the components that are designed to manoeuvre the plane in the air and on the ground. The structural parts include thousands of components from small to large and perform different tasks. The primary flight controls placed on the wings and empennage (tail section) are elevators, rudder and ailerons. These parts of the plane are mounted by seams, also known as joints. Aircraft manufacturers use rivets, fasteners and bolts to mount these joints. The invisible aircraft parts are designed in four ways, including stamping, bending, extruding and milling.

Majority of people who consider the outside of an aircraft include windshields, engines, propellers and wings. In contrast, the imagination about the inside of a plane is cockpit, seats, seatbelts, main body and some other cosmetic parts. These are only limited things that a non-specialist can assume. Instead, there are thousands of airplane parts that function altogether to fly the plane. Due to the limited life of an aircraft, there is a need for inspection regularly to keep an eye on the health of aircraft. The increasing number of flying hours could downgrade the performance of an aircraft due to the wear and tear of various structural parts and thus requires a comprehensive maintenance plan by the engineering department. So, aircraft owners, airlines and aviation companies need aftermarket aircraft replacement parts to keep their planes flying as they require.


Role of Maintenance Team

The maintenance team of any airline or private jet owner is crucial. They must schedule inspections to get the nerve of the airplane to get 100% accuracy and make sure that the flying will be delightful rather than a nightmare. The maintenance team must look for any possible damage to airplane structure parts to take corrective action timely.

Superior Air Parts

Superior Air Parts is an Australian company that initiated its journey from Archerfield Airport, Brisbane, in 1993. At the start, we only have two staff members have limited scope. Due to top-notch and premium quality products and services, we have become a trusted name in the aviation industry. We now have a global distribution network to cater for the needs of our clients. We have partnered with dozens of certified aircraft replacement parts manufacturers, and we can supply aircraft parts and even entire engines of the highest quantity. Some of our partners include:

Aviation Laboratory

Aviation Laboratory is a leading name to test the quality and performance of jet oil, hydraulic fluids and to analyze the content of oil filters. We have working relations with them to provide you access to the laboratory reports of your airplane.

Donaldson Filters

Donaldson has more than 100 years of experience in making aircraft filters. Filters make our atmosphere clean and reduce or eliminate noise pollution. We have Donaldson filters range to filter the air, noise or aviation fluids.

Kelly Aerospace

 We offer Kelly Aerospace products, including cabin haters, electrical accessories, turbocharging systems and filtration systems.

Aviation Product System

We supply FAA-PMA braking systems for aviation applications. Our aircraft braking system includes metallic and semi-metallic brake linings that are known for performance and cost reduction.

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If you are on the lookout for the highest quality structure parts for your plane, then call us at Tel: +61 7 3717 4600. If you have any queries, you can send them via email at sales@superiorairparts.com.au