Aviation Laboratories has developed a reputation for providing state of the art laboratory testing services to the aviation industry with excellent customer support. We have a full service laboratory for testing aviation oils, oil filter contents and metal chip analysis, fuels, and hydraulic fluids. Our analytical instrumentation and software is continually updated and enhanced to afford accurate and dependable results.

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AVL Fast Acting Cleaner & Degreaser

AVL FACD II is a chlorinated degreaser, trichloroethylene. It is non-flammable, cleans and degreases very fast and dries quickly leaving little residue.   For best value, purchase a case of 12! PLEASE CALL FOR LARGER QUANTITY DISCOUNTS.

Fuel Test Kit - Jet A

The Fuel Test Kit is used to determine fuel quality. Fuel container and shipping box included that meet all DOT and state requirements. Tests include; API gravity, cetane index, D-86 distillation, Karl Fisher water, BUG TEST, and flash point. Custom test kits are available.

Des Case Drum Dryer/Drier

Des Case standard desiccant breather is a unique, patented air filter and water vapor removal system. It will virtually eliminate breather cap moisture and particulate contamination in industrial equipment reservoirs such as hydrualic tanks and gear boxes.

Metal Check Oil Analysis Test Kit - 6 Pack

This laboratory analysis consists of ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectroscopy) quantitation of 12 wear metal elements for piston and turbine engines.

  • The analysis is completed in 24-48 hours – abnormal results are communicated immediately.
  • We have the largest results database for every engine model, which has allowed us to develop accurate interpretive guidelines.
  • We have the most experienced analytical staff in the industry.
  • The kit INCLUDES FedEx shipping back to our laboratory – saves time and money!
  • We are recommended or authorized by most engine manufacturers.
  • The kit is excellent for pre-purchase inspection.

If you don’t see the quantity you need below, please call us – other quantity discounts may be available.

Bacterial Field Test Kit for Jet or Diesel Fuel

The Bug Test kit allows for accurate semi-quantitative analysis of fuels for bacteria and fungus in the field. It replaces standard plate count techniques used in the laboratory. A measured fuel sample is inserted into a sterilized serum bottle. After a set time period a color change is compared with the Bug Test Color chart.   PLEASE CALL FOR QUANTITY DISCOUNTS.