AVPRO is a leading manufacturer of FAA-PMA replacement brake products for the aviation industry. Our “Black Steel” tm discs are one piece forgings, eliminating the failure of the weld on our competitors products. AVPRO Black-Steel tm forged discs use an advanced heat treating process to provide optimum braking performance and strength which enhances safety margins, durability and value. Reduction of corrosion, pitting, rusting, and longer service life equates to increased utilization and lower operating costs. AVPRO also manufactures metallic and semi-metallic/organic brake linings which utilize the latest in friction material technology. Our unique use of Kevlar fibers as a bonding ingredient has allowed AVPRO to offer a brake lining that significantly increases service life and durability without changing the coefficient of friction required for proper braking performance. Start enjoying lower operating costs and improve your braking performance by installing AVPRO products today!