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Beechcraft is owned by Textron Aviation, with Beech Craft King Air being the most popular aircraft for the company’s utility aircraft segment. The King Air line has multiple twin-turboprop airplane models further divided into families. The Beechcraft aircraft parts are in demand as the Beechcraft Model 90 and 100 series was developed in the 1960s, and they were known as King Airs. In contrast, the later T-tail model 200 and 300 series were called Super King Airs. The name “super” was later dropped from the lineup; however, to this day, it is still used to differentiate between 200 and 300 series from smaller Beechcraft airplanes.

The King Air was the first model produced by Beechcraft in the year 1964 till 2021. The King Air is so popular that it outsold all of its turboprop competitors combined. Recent competitors of King Air today include names such as Cessna Citation Mustang, Honda HA-240 HondaJet and Embraer Phenom 100.

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Beechcraft Models

1. Beechcraft Model 90 King Air

The King Air is undoubtedly the most popular aircraft from the Beechcraft lineup. It was announced in 1965, and after ten months of King Air testing flights, it was delivered to the US Army. Shortly after, Beechcraft started accepting orders for Model 90 of King Air. It received 152 orders, whereas it had built seven aircraft at the end of the year. They produced the latter year 112 aircraft as the production shifted to a newer B-90 model.

2. Model C90-1

The production began in 1982. Until then, 507 C90 and 347 E90S had been built. The model C90-1 featured a PT-6A engine with improvements made in the pressurization chamber. The Model C90-1 was in production till 1992.

3. The C90GT and C90GTI

Beechcraft introduced C90GT in the year 2005. The newer C90GT had an updated engine with 750shp offering a faster climbing and cruising rate while operating on lower operating temperatures. C90GTI successor was later introduced in the year 2007. The C90GT has been in production up until the year 2019 where it cost $2.75M. In contrast, the C90GTI cost $4.2M at that time when production of the C90 generation ended.

Beechcraft aircraft parts are always in demand by the consumers flying these aircraft for personal flying, business, aircraft training or shorter commercial flying routes. These parts range from general maintenance parts such as oil filters, slick magnetos, spark plugs etc., to the major engine up-gradation for the Beechcraft King Air.

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