• Bracket Aero Filters, formerly AC, have been in service on aircraft and helicopters since 1968. At present, Brackett Foam Filters are installed as factory  original equipment on 16 current production aircraft and four helicopters.
  • FAA-PMA approved – 88 different models.
  • Our treated foam is highly efficient at filtering.
  • You only replace the low cost throwaway element.
  • Easy, accurate servicing by replacement at certain times.
  • Readily available to all FBOs distributed by major aircraft suppy houses.
  • Dual stage foam element increases dust holding capacity.
  • Our foam filter is approved for sea planes. It has no pleats to store dirt and is abrasive resistant.

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The specially treated polyurethane element in the Brackett filter assures near total protection from any foreign material entering the system. Repels water, fire retardant and has good air flow for proper fuel/air ratio. Has no pleats to collect dirt. Low-cost maintenance with increased engine life. FAA approved. Replace original air filter unit with a Brackett assembly. Thereafter, throw away element and replace with new one at minimal cost.

Partial List, request prices on unlisted Aircraft Applications.