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The Cessna 170 was launched in 1948 till 1956 by the Cessna Aircraft Company. The Cessna 170 is a single-engine aircraft produced for general aviation Cessna 170 later evolved into the newer 172 after 1956. In late 1948, Cessna started the manufacturing of Cessna 170. The Cessna 170 parts included a metal fuselage and a tail and fabric-covered constant wing-cords. The Cessna 170 was an upgraded form of the popular Cessna 140s. However, the 170 packed Continental C145-2 engine with more power of 145hp. The 170 also had an upgraded larger fuel tank. The 170 were made of metal with wings covered in fabric supported by a “V” strut.

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170 Gets the Job Done

The Cessna 170 is a perfect aeroplane as it offers the ideal balance between commuter, freight haulier, bush plane, trainer and an overall fun plane to fly around. The 170, because of its four seats, can be used for a family vacation or business flying, depending upon your need. Due to the ability to fly for such different uses, the 170 is not the best in all of these segments; however, it gets the job done.


The 170 was introduced in several models and configurations as follows.

Cessna 170A

Introduced in 1949, just after a year of 170’s launch, the 170A came in all-metal with zero-dihedral wing tapered outboard of slightly large air flaps. The single-wing strut in 170A replaced the V-strut from 170. The fuel tank was 21 gallons on 170A. The 170A and later models had the rudder shape from a larger Cessna such as 190 and 195, increasing directional stability. A total of 1,552 170A were produced over three years.

Cessna 170B

The 170B is the most common and famous version of Cessna 170. Production began in 1952, and it was fitted with efficient flower flaps extending to 40°. The Cessna 170 parts in 170B included a reconfigured tailwheel bracket, a new tailpipe, and other modifications and advancements. The 170B cost about $7,245 in the year 1952.

Cessna 305

In 1950, US Air Force, Marines and Army used the Cessna 170’s military version. The 305 version of Cessna 170 was used as a forwarding air control and reconnaissance aeroplane. Named the Bird Dog, the 170 was redesigned from basic 170, including the tandem fuselage and a larger wing with modified Flower flaps that deployed up to 60°.

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