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The Cessna 210 has been in production since 1957. However, it was manufactured in 1986 and is still in great demand by private flyers. Cessna 210 parts are manufactured globally, making Cessnas one of the oldest operational planes. Superior Air Parts specialises in providing Cessna parts to our private aviation customers. We provide top-notch parts services to our valuable customers with an organised inventory. Our parts are built excellent as they provide durability. In addition, Superior Air Parts are long-lasting. Our years’ worth of product research and development makes us a perfect choice if you are in the market for Cessna 210 parts.

During the 1950s and onwards, private flying took a boom worldwide. People started buying Cessna planes built in America. These planes were cheap and easily operatable, unlike most aircrafts available for civilian flight. Cessna changed the aviation industry with their easier maintenance, greater fuel efficiency, lesser operating cost and affordable price, to name a few. Cessnas are easier to fly, which has made them a favourite over the years by consumers. These Cessnas can be flown by a qualified student pilot safely and comfortably. Cessnas vary in terms of options related to flying depending upon your flying requirement and expertise.

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Types and Popular Cessna Models

Following are the most commonly flown Cessnas.

The Cessna 172

The Cessna 172 started its production in 1956. It introduced more people to personal and business flying than any other plane. According to the record, there still are 25,000 Cessna 172 operational. The newer generation was named 172R in the year 1997. The 172R packed 160hp thrusting out of Lycoming IO-360 engine. It was designed towards pilots already working or having the skills towards the instrument rating. This 172R came with an impressive line-up of the latest avionics King/Honeywell IFR avionics and a KLN-89B GPS with a moving map as a standard. In addition, the KAP-140 autopilot was optional.

For the Cessna 172 to stay in competition with the Piper Archer III, the Cessna upgraded the 172 to a newer 172SP model. It came in 1998 with a 180hp Lycoming engine. This newer 172SP quickly became the most selling model as 90% of all the new Cessna 172 being sold are the “SP” model.

The Cessna 182

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The Cessna took the world’s most popular single-engine aircraft and upgraded it to even better in the new Cessna 182. The Cessna 182 was also introduced in 1956, offering the same easiness in comfort, simplicity and handling. However, the 182 had better higher-altitude performance and more speed. The 182 quickly flew on mountains while the hot-and-high performance was exceptional. The Cessna 182 was so perfect that for 40 years, the company kept the plane on the same power plant while only upgrading the cosmetics. The Cessna 182 offers one of the best aviation overall experiences.

Whether you are in the market for Cessna 182 parts or regular maintenance, we at Superior Air Parts provide the best solution for a smooth, trouble-free aviation experience. Our parts are made with years of research and development, thus ensuring a smooth experience during your flying experience. In addition, Superior Air Parts can withstand harsh conditions while delivering long-lasting service. Aviation parts often come at a high premium. However, Superior Air Parts have reasonably priced all our products for our customers’ affordable yet top-notch quality experience. Superior Air Parts is the leading provider for Cessna 210 & Cessna 182 parts, committed to providing excellence.

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