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Aircraft require maintenance checks, inspections and service based on the air miles and hours covered. Every aircraft have a calculated lifespan, and there is nothing acceptable in the aviation industry less than 100%. In aviation, even a 99% accuracy means there is a chance that out of one hundred flights, one flight could end in a disaster causing loss of human lives and finance as well. The safety regulations require checking for every possible vulnerability. The wear and tear of aircraft parts are the norms due to any reason, and solutions to them are the champion parts that are top-notch engineering products built for perfection.

During the early 20th century, a single ignition system was familiar with small planes. These planes were assembled with automobile engines and Champion’s automotive spark plugs. Within two decades, the company excelled in designing spark plugs to improve the functionality of the aviation industry. Further, champion parts performed well in the manufacturing of ignition parts for their piston engine. These parts were for both aftermarket and OEM to use for general aviation applications.

Champion aerospace parts include a variety of aircraft replacement parts from basic to the entire engine. These include the following


Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs can help you highlight the aircraft engine problems by checking the spark plugs every 50-75 hours. You can take some corrective actions timely by closely monitoring the spark plugs. There are three primary deposits that can be problematic for the engine of the aircraft. Spark Plugs can give you readings to identify the problem, including Carbon Fouling (an issue relating to plug running at low RPM), Lead Deposits Cause Fouling in carbureted aircraft engines, and the last reading is Oil Fouling.

Oil Filters

Champion Brand presents aircraft oil filters and element filters to deal with the semi-depth filtration media. Superior Air Parts offer two types of oil filters, i.e., Filter with Bypass and Filter without Bypass.

Aircraft Ignition Harness

Superior Air Parts Australia stocks aircraft ignition harness variety that are crucial components to kick start the aircraft.

Turbine Engine aircraft parts include a listing of Igniters, Exciters, Ignition Leads, Ignition Systems and maintenance tools. The maintenance tools aid engineers in removing or replacing aircraft parts. Some of the aircraft maintenance tools include:

  • Gap Setting Tool
  • Crimping Tool
  • Spark Plug Tray
  • Fine Wire Gap Tool
  • Oil Filter Wrench
  • T Handle Open Box Wrench
  • Oil Filter Can Cutter
  • Lead Master Wrench
  • Thread Clean-out Tool

Power Converters

Superior Air Parts offers a variety of aircraft power converters that works fine for both commercial aviation applications and military airborne as well. These power converters are known for providing voltage levels at a low ripple rate and ephemeral voltage surge suppression. Power converters by Champion Parts are known for high-level efficiency and have proven as a reliable source for maintenance engineers.

270VDC Power System

The latest electromechanical equipment will take the place of a conventional pneumatic or hydraulic power system. 270VDC Power System targets transforming the 28VDC Transformer Rectifier Unit or simply TRU into a 270VDC or even 540VDC Power unit. This sustainable modern power system aims to reduce aircraft weight, electrical efficiency and offers more reliability and safety.

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Superior Air Parts has won the trust of aircraft owners and maintenance firms as we provide state of the art technology with affordable price tags to lower your maintenance cost and without compromising on safety. Our tailored packages are favourite options that meet the engineering needs of our clients.

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