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Fixed Wing Headsets (Passive)

Our passive noise-attenuating fixed wing headsets provide extremely reliable performance and communication clarity. No matter what type of aircraft you fly, there’s a David Clark passive or Electronic Noise Cancelling headset to meet your needs and enhance your flying experience. And all of our headsets are backed by a five-year warranty and the most extraordinary customer service in the industry… enjoy your flight.

Fixed Wing Headsets (ENC)

David Clark Electronic Noise Cancelling (ENC) headsets are designed to deliver superior active noise reduction performance. Perfect for pilots that are passionate about sound. New DC ONE-X Series headsets combine advanced comfort and technology features with Bluetooth wireless in a lightweight (just 12.3 ounces), yet rugged alloy suspension system.

Our ENC headsets feature electronically independent, dual earphone drivers with Fail Safe operation for uninterrupted communication – even if the ENC system or its power source fails.

Helicopter Headsets (Passive)

David Clark Helicopter Headset David Clark Company offers the broadest line of helicopter headsets for commercial pilots in the industry. Both passive noise attenuating and Electronic Noise Cancelling models are available. Our headsets are built to withstand the rigors of the helicopter cockpit, while providing outstanding comfort and communication clarity.

Our helicopter headsets feature all the outstanding comfort and performance features of our fixed wing aviation headsets, but come with a 5-foot extended coil cord with U-174/U single plug.

Helicopter Headsets (ENC)

David Clark Company Electronic Noise Cancelling (ENC) helicopter headsets are designed to provide an additional 17-22 dB noise attenuation, above already excellent passive noise reduction, with ENC activated.

Choose from a selection of models offering modular, battery-powered portability or permanent, panel mount headsets that run off the aircraft power source. All of our ENC helicopter headsets are built to withstand rugged, everyday use, with outstanding comfort features for fatigue-free, longer flights.