Donaldson Filters

Since 1915, Donaldson has been developing filtration systems that make your world cleaner, quieter and more efficient. Whether it’s filtering air, liquid or noise, our products help protect everything from engines and equipment to people and enviroment.

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Air Intake Filtration

Whatever platform your engine powers – aircraft, military ground vehicle or stationery generator – it needs clean air and lots of it. Our custom designed solutions provide filtered air with minimal required service and lower total cost of ownership than other products.

Our singular focus is to protect your engine. From the desert of Iraq to the desert of Arizona, our air filters are protecting engines and enhancing performance.

Engine Liquid Filtration

Today’s engines run at higher temperatures, use new fuels and lubricants, and require advanced filtration technologies for optimum performance.

Always innovating, always leading, we continue to develop and certify advanced technologies and new products to serve the aerospace and defense industry. Our engine liquid filtration solutions include filter elements, assemblies and manifolds that include Delta P Indicators, Bypass Valves and Shut-Off Valves. Our singular focus is to protect your engine.

Instrument Air Filtration

Our filtration systems protect the most demanding environments and applications – fixed wing aircraft to a military destroyer to a space vehicle.

Our filters protect high pressure, return and case drain hydraulic systems, pneumatic and fuel tank inerting systems. Our products range from a filter element to a complex manifold that includes bypass valves, shut-off valves, relief valves, pressure transducers and fluid sampling valves. Whatever your application, whatever your requirement – Donaldson provides superior filtration solutions.