L P Aero – Windows

  • For over 50 years, L. P. Aero Plastics has been the world’s leading wholesale manufacturer of FAA-PMA aircraft windshields and windows for the general aviation market. We sell wholesale only with discounts extended to those companies qualified in aircraft parts, maintenance and service.
  • Our product development is unsurpassed in the industry and is reflected in our extensive catalog. L. P. Aero Plastics currently holds over 1600 FAA-PMA’s covering about 500 aircraft and has many new products now being developed in our R & D department.

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LP Aero Plastics - Acrylic Polish and Sealant

Not just any polish is good enough to carry our name! A superior no-wax, non-yellowing formula containing polyethylene
polymers. This superior product not only gives a super slick surface to your windshield and windows, but can also be used on
your entire aircraft, including all the painted gloss surfaces, aluminum and fiberglass. Ease of application and removal is
unmatched. Sold in 16 oz. single bottles and in cases of 12.
LP Aero Plastics Acrylic Polish and Sealant 16 oz. squeeze bottle SP-PL16
LP Aero Plastics Acrylic Polish and Sealant – Case of 12 bottles SP-PLCS

DuPont Sontara® Window Wipes

New Sontara® window wipes are made of a proprietary blend of fibers that are softer than most conventional wipes. Since
many scratches are caused by grit and dirt already on the surface of the window, this product features apertures that help pick
up and remove dirt effectively. Using LP Aero Plastics Acrylic Polish and Sealant to “float up” the dirt before wiping is the best
way to minimize the risk of scratching.
DuPont Sontara® Window Wipes – Package of 25 wipes SP-AC1213WW125
DuPont Sontara® Window Wipes – Case – 20 packages of 25 wipes SP-AC1213WWCS

LP Aero Plastics – Window Care Kit

This Window Care Kit contains one 16 oz. bottle of LP Aero Plastics Polish and Sealant, one box of 25 Sontara Window Wipes,
instructions and other documentation
LP Aero Plastics Window Care Kit SP-PL16WW
LP Aero Plastics Window Care Kit – Case of 12 kits SP-PL16WWCS

“210” Plastic Cleaner and Polish

For those who prefer an anti-fog, anti-static windshield and plastic cleaner in an aerosol spray.
“210” Plastic Cleaner and Polish – 14 oz. Spray Can SP-210A

“210 Plus” Plastic Scratch Remover

A fine liquid abrasive for removing fine scratches that ordinary cleaner/polishes can’t handle.
“210 PLUS” Plastic Scratch Remover – 15 oz. Squeeze Bottle SP-210P

Prism Kit

This inspection prism kit is ideal and invaluable for inspecting windows on the aircraft where the holes and edges are hidden
by the aircraft skin or fairings. By applying the couplant and positioning the prism on the window next to the edge of the skin,
it allows you to see the entire edge of the acrylic including the mounting holes from top to bottom. You are able to see cracks
and breaks in the acrylic or glass. The standard prism has included angles of 45°, 70°, 110°, and 135°.
Window Inspection Prism kit – 45°, 70°, 110°, & 135°
Cessna Window Inspection Prism kit – 35, 70 & 75
AV8B Window Inspection Prism kit – 30, 60 & 90 SP-PRIKT- AV8B
Prism Repair SP-PRIREP

Special Acrylic Drill Bits

Don’t be fooled by the over the counter so-called “plastic drill bits” purchased at your local hardware store. Our drill bits are
specially sharpened to scrape a clean hole through your acrylic window. These drill bits will not chip or crack the acrylic like
standard drill bits. They are available in individual sizes from 1/8″ to 1/2″ and 1/2″ 100 degree countersink. Sets with countersink and index box take the guesswork out of which bits to purchase. This type of bit is required when drilling windshields
and windows is specified. Remember that acrylic expands and contracts, so drill your holes oversize.