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The growing interest has created a community of individuals with smaller aircraft travelling for leisure, adventure or business purposes. An airplane could have thousands of visible and invisible parts that tie the fuselage, wings, landing gear, tail and cockpit into an aircraft. Private aircraft owners and airlines use small airplanes and even government agencies for various purposes, including personal usage, transporting employees to remote areas with limited ground facilities and others. Mcfarlane aircraft parts offer replacement parts for different jet series, including Cessna, Piper, Grumman, Beechcraft and Red Cat airplanes. Mcfarlane replacement parts by Superior Air Parts Australia include the stockpile of 2000 parts from basic to complex aviation products. These parts are crucial for the jet owners to keep their aircraft fit for the next fly mission.

The low priced tempest products listing include vacuum pumps, spark plugs, oil filters, fuel injectors, adapters, tools, and carburettors. The exhaust system components include Tailpipes, exhaust mufflers, clamps, risers and exhaust anti-seize lubricant. The other main aircraft parts and tool list include bearings, baffle seal material, brake and wheel components, flight control cables, push-pull controls, oil cooler, bushings, fuel valves and thousands of other products to maintain your aircraft.


Superior Air Parts

Superior Air Parts has 28 years of experience in aircraft replacement parts. We started our business with two people in 1993 from Archerfield airport Brisbane, Australia. Our quality services helped us expand our operations, and we can supply aviation parts throughout Australia with no hassle. We have partnered with various aircraft parts manufacturers, and our stockpile includes more than five thousand performance-proven aircraft parts.

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Superior Air Parts strives to provide supreme quality air parts. Our products are not just duplicates of their OEM counterparts but are engineered to be excellent in quality and have a longer service life. This will reduce your maintenance and labour costs for your aircraft. We can supply the required McFarlane Aircraft Parts within a short time period. Our rates are unbeatable, and we always provide premium quality air parts to build long-lasting business relationships.

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At Superior Air Parts, our mission statement is to satisfy your needs by providing you with technologically advanced and upgraded aviation products. We deal only in reliable and standardized air parts to offer you a better user experience and to increase the life of aircraft. Indeed your success is our success. To know about the status of Mcfarlane aviation parts, call us by dialling +61 7 3717 4600 for Australia and +64 9 298 8992 for New Zealand. You can also write us an email at