MD Helicopters

The MD Helicopters family of rotorcraft are world renown for their value, versatility and performance. And with five great helicopters to choose from, there’s an MD helicopter ideally suited for you and your mission. What’s more, only helicopters from MD Helicopters feature the patented NOTAR® anti-torque system for operator benefits that include increased quiet, safety, reduced insurance rates and the ability to fly in areas that are off limits to other rotorcraft.

It’s no wonder these impressive aircraft are in service with air medical, law enforcement, corporate and utility operators around the world.
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The NOTAR® anti-torque system eliminates all of the mechanical disadvantages of a tail rotor, including long drive shafts, hanger bearings, intermediate gearboxes and ninety-degree gearboxes. Using the natural characteristics of helicopter aerodynamics, the NOTAR system provides safe, quiet, responsive, FOD-resistant directional control.


  • Greater Safety
    Studies have shown that 21 percent of all crashes are due to tailrotor strikes or loss of tail rotor effectiveness; NOTAR® systems eliminate these problems.
  • Reduced Noise
    Designed and tested to be 50 percent quieter than any other helicopter. NOTAR-equipped helicopters are among the quietest certified helicopters available.
  • Reduced Pilot Workload
    Using the Coanda Effect to provide tail boom lift and anti-torque, the system is more stable and easier to control. This effect reduces the sensitivity to wind direction on helicopter control.
  • Reduced Aircraft Vibration
    The inherent stability of the standard MD 500 is further improved by the elimination of the exposed tail rotor assembly, which reduces overall helicopter vibrations and increases passenger comfort while reducing pilot fatigue.