Reliable Parts of a Plane Engine to Make Flying Convenient and Safe

An airplane engine is referred to as a “power plant”. The reason behind the name power plant is simple; it also has other components attached to it in order to create electricity, vacuum suction and heat. Like automobiles, a power plant of an airplane is one of the most important components of an engine because, without the engine, there is no way to get the airplane off the ground. As aviation has advanced over the course of decades, parts of a plane engine have advanced to the next level for a safer and efficient flying experience.

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Airplane engine parts depend upon the type of engine airplane functions on. Typically there are two types of engines for airplanes.

  • Reciprocating Engines
  • Turbine Engines

Reciprocating Engine

Reciprocating engines are commonly equipped in general aviation and training aircraft. These engines have serval reciprocating cylinders. Inside these cylinders, fuel and air are mixed, compressed and then ignited. The explosive force of this ignition forces the piston inwards. The pistons are then connected to a crankshaft; therefore inward, and outward movement of the piston causes the crankshaft to rotate. Finally, the propeller is connected to a crankshaft. As the crankshaft rotates, so does the propeller.

These reciprocating cylinders inside the reciprocating engine undergo four-stroke cycles named intake, compression, power and exhaust.

Turbine Engine

Turbine engines are common in most airlines and corporate airplanes. The turbine engine work as the air is sucked with front with fans. The jets of gas move backwards, thus pushing the engine and aircraft forward. This hot air, when going into the nozzle, passes through the turbine.  A turbine engine is also known as a jet engine since both function on the same principle.

A jet engine is much more complicated as compared to a reciprocating engine. It has more parts of a plane engine. Hence, it requires more maintenance and safety measures. A turbine engine has the following parts.

  • Fan

The fan is the first component inside the turbofan. This large fan spins to suck large quantities of air. The fan blades are made up of titanium.

  • Compressor

Found in the engine core, the compressor is the first component of the engine. The compressor made up of fans squeezes the air leading to an increase in pressure; the air potential is increased and forced into the combustion chamber.

  • Combustor

The air is mixed and ignited with fuel here. It has 20 nozzles to spray fuel into the airstream; this mixture of fuel and air catches fire. The fuel is burnt with oxygen in compressed air, thus producing hot expanding gases.

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