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Though there are several options for transportation, air transport is the fastest way for humans and shipments of goods; that’s why the aviation industry is booming at a rapid pace. People love to travel on planes, even during the pandemic when air travel was reduced to a minimum; an Australian airline started domestic flights which landed at the same airport from where it began the journey. The aviation industry is a fascinating one, with many wondering to know about aircraft. Avionics refers to a combination of electric computers, complex electronic circuitry, display units, flight controls, sensors etc. These parts of a plane are crucial for any aircraft as the modern aviation industry is more about compact designed aircraft. The earliest aeroplanes mainly were used for warfare, and military applications relied heavily on radio frequency, mechanical components and limited electronic aircraft parts.

The research led to the invention of a radar system to detect enemies, which started a new era for electric navigational devices. During the 1970s, avionics technology was available for civil aviation, and that boosted air travel to many folds. Avionics is still growing considerably, and we can observe the use of navigational technology in commercial shipping as well.


The majority of the funds are spent on research for manufacturing aircraft parts. The expanding aviation industry expanded commercial air travel and welcomed the privately-owned aircraft trend. Celebrities, business persons, media persons and business owners love to have their private jets. An aircraft is a flying machine that requires maintenance checks and inspections after certain flying hours to make sure that they are safe to fly. The maintenance schedule might require aircraft parts replacement or some repair work.

Superior Air Parts

Superior Air Parts is a trusted name when it comes to searching for parts of a plane to have 100% accuracy. We started our journey in 1993 from Brisbane with only two staff members at Archerfield airport. We have now have expanded our operations globally to meet the maintenance needs of aircraft owners or private airlines. Whether you are searching for a limited number of aircraft replacement parts or replacing the aircraft engine entirely, we offer our clients the most advanced quality aircraft parts. Our inventory stockpile includes everything from basic to complex engineering kits for your flying bird. We have partnered with brands that are known for their reliable range of superior air parts. Our inventory stockpile covers thousands of aircraft maintenance parts, including electronic ignition, spark plugs, oil filters, slick magnetos, exciters, ignition leads, ignition harness, ignition systems, UPS, power converters, fuel injectors, aerodynamic baffle kits, display units, windshields, and listing of maintenance tools that are handy to replace underperforming parts.

Superior Aircraft Engines

Superior Air Parts supplies a series of aircraft engines and helicopter engines, including XP-320, XP-360, XP-400 and XP-400SRE. This engine series is a performance-oriented, efficient and reliable companion to keep aircraft fuselage in the air with confidence.

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Superior Air Parts can meet the need of private aircraft owners, military applications, and commercial airlines. We have a global distribution network for the seamless delivery of aircraft parts. We believe in the philosophy of providing quality to people for building long-lasting relationships. We can meet the customization to satisfy the needs of our clients. Call us at +61 7 3717 4600 or write an email to us at Our contact number for New Zealand is +64 9 298 8992.