High-Quality and Reliable Piper Arrow Parts Aircraft at Low Prices

Piper Aircraft Inc. was founded in 1927 by Taylor Brothers was known as Big Three by the late 20th century. The company is known for its aircraft fleet that caters to the needs of flying schools. Moreover, Piper aircraft also attracts individuals and business persons across the world. By 2009, the company manufactured more than 144,000 aircraft. Due to its popularity and quality performance, Pieper aircraft got its largest order of 240 aircraft in its history by a commercial pilot training school. The aircraft series is famous all across the world due to the availability of Piper Arrow Parts and its low operating cost. Superior Air Parts offers quality aircraft maintenance parts manufactured by Piper.

Aircraft Series By Piper

Piper aircraft series includes single-engine and twin-engine aircraft to cater to the needs of aviation enthusiasts. Piper arrow aircraft is an all-time favourite for trainee pilots or for those who don’t fly often. The aircraft features an easy step up for newcomers and comes with simple retractable landing gear and a controllable pitch propeller. It comes with an automatic gear to ease the trainee pilot’s transition.


The Piper arrow aircraft system prevents the gear from being retracted on take-off until it reaches a specific climb speed and lowers the landing gear when it senses the drop in power and airspeed to a particular level. The flying machines went through continuous improvements involving an upgraded 200 HP engine in 1969, increased fuel tank capacity to 77 gallons, a five-inch stretch to the aircraft’s fuselage, and a turbocharged model.

For Individuals

Piper Aircraft series for personal or family use includes the following:

  • Archer DLX
  • Archer LX
  • Seneca
  • M350
  • M500

For Business Personalities

The current Piper Aircraft series that targets business persons include:

  • M350
  • M600/SLS
  • M500

Trainer Aircraft

  • Pilot 100
  • Pilot 100i
  • Archer DX
  • Archer TX
  • Seminole

Why Superior Air Parts?

Superior Air Parts is a truly Australian company that started its journey from Archerfield Airport Brisbane in 1993 with just two staff members. We focus on providing premium aircraft replacement parts and satisfying customer needs, and that makes us a leader in the Australian aviation sector. We are now operating from Australia and New Zealand and have a global distribution network to provide aircraft parts globally within the stipulated time frame. Our customers are individual aircraft owners, training schools, commercial aviation companies and military corporations. Our competitive prices attract many while our product line only includes quality aircraft parts.

What Do We Offer?

Superior Air Parts is the name of trust in the aviation industry. Our stocklist of piper arrow parts includes more than 5000 parts. Our quality products include oil filters, slick magnetos, power converters, UPS, spark plugs, aircraft engines, tool kits, rivet guns, hydraulic fluids, sheet metal tools and piston engine accessories. Whether your aircraft needs an individual maintenance part or to replace the engine, we provide our customers with the highest quality products. Each of the products we supply passed the consistency and quality performance test and final inspection to look for any Nano level finishing.

Contact Us

Superior Air Parts can supply aircraft parts throughout Australia. If you are looking for premium quality aircraft parts, then call us at +61 7 3717 4600. For queries, you can send us an email at sales@superiorairparts.com.au