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  • filters & elements
  • indicators/switches
  • lube oil filter kits
  • Aerospace filter assemblies for fuel, lubrication and hydraulic systems
  • Filter element assemblies for aviation and aerospace applications
  • Bypass and differential pressure indicators for all types of aerospace applications
  • Scavenge lube oil filter kits for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft
  • Cabin air filters
  • Electronic equipment cooling filters
  • FAA and PMA approved parts
  • Acoustic media
  • Technical publications related to aerospace and aviation products

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Element Assemblies

Purolator Facet filter element assemblies have been used by the aerospace industry for over 50 years. Our experience in the design, testing and manufacturing of these products is proven daily with their use aboard most aerospace applications.

Filter Assemblies

Purolator Facet, Inc. is a creative engineering and manufacturing organization offering a wide variety of services and products. Purolator Facet manufactures an assortment of standard filter assemblies qualified to many industry and military standards.

Indicators & Switches

Purolator Facet designs and manufactures an assortment of bypass and differential pressure indicators for all types of aerospace applications. Purolator Microdelta® differential pressure indicators provide visual indication of a filter element’s impending or bypass condition. Also available are electrical filter bypass switches, which, when connected to a cockpit warning system, will alert operators of a possible filter bypass condition. Most indicators and switches are custom designed for specific applications. These devices can be integrally mounted on the filter assembly or installed in another aircraft system component. The options for these devices include:

  • Thermal Lock-Out Devices
  • Surge Protection
  • Reset Prevention
  • Various Mounting and Connection Configurations
  • Explosion-Proof Switches

Transducers For Aerospace Applications

Purolator Facet Inc. can design and manufacture a transducer to fit your exact needs. We have technology that continuously provides a reading for the pressure drop across your filter element as it collects contaminants and begins to clog. In addition, our technology can provide a temperature signal along with the pressure drop signal. Our designs/technology are proven in Aerospace applications and will work for your filter system monitoring needs.

Scavenge Lube Oil Filter Kits

Facet Scavenge Oil Filters provide superior engine protection to operators of turbine powered helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. By filtering oil downstream of the scavenge pumps, our filters remove the contaminants generated by the engine (carbon and metal wear particles). This protects the oil cooler, reservoir, and engine. Facet Scavenge Oil Filters are available in FAA certified kits or as Original equipment.

Top Ten Reasons for Using a Scavenge Oil Filter System

  1. Removes carbon and metal particles down to 3 microns.
  2. Engine and oil system operate more efficiently.
  3. Reduces false chip lights.
  4. Keeps magnetic plugs clean and operating longer.
  5. Extends oil change intervals.
  6. Protects expensive oil coolers.
  7. Removes the abrasive grit ingested in the engine’s oil system from hostile environments (deserts, beaches, construction sites, etc.).
  8. Increased bearing, gear, and seal life.
  9. Microdelta® differential pressure indicator alerts operator of impending filter bypass and need to change the filter element. Each filter also comes with a bypass valve to ensure a constant supply of oil to the engine.
  10. Each filter system comes in an easy to install kit which is FAA certified (STC). No special tools required.