Ram Aircraft

RAM is an Engine Overhaul and Service Center for:

  • Baron 58P
  • Cessna 402C
  • Baron 58TC
  • Cessna 402B
  • Baron 58
  • Cessna 340A
  • Bonanza A-36 / F33
  • Cessna 340
  • Cessna 421C
  • Cessna T310
  • Cessna 421B
  • Cessna 320
  • Cessna 414A
  • Cessna 310R
  • Cessna 414
  • Cessna T210
  • Cessna 404
  • Cessna T206

Contact +61 7 3717 4600 for complete parts and services enquiry.


RAM Aircraft, Providing the Highest Quality OHE Engines, New and PMA-New Parts, and Propellers for Your Aircraft.

RAM Aircraft, LP is an aircraft engine overhaul facility and general aviation support center located at Waco Regional Airport in Waco, Texas. RAM was founded in 1976 with a focus on engineering airframe and engine improvements that provide many of general aviation’s most popular airplanes with enhanced performance and reliability. This focus is reflected in every aspect of our business and remains a driving force behind the work of RAM. RAM provides engine overhauls, performance upgrades, new propellers, and new and PMA-new parts for the following aircraft..

Beechcraft Bonanza:
S35, V35, V35A, V35B, C33A, E33A, E33C, F33A, F33C, 36, A36, A36 (550), G36, A36TC, and B36TC
Beechcraft Baron:
C55, D55, E55, 58, 58 (550), 58A, and 58P/TC
172 – Ly. 160-hp w / RAM STCs
T206, P210, T210, 310R, T310 (BB), T310 / 320, 335, 340, 340A, 402B, 402C, 404, 414, 414A, 421B, 421C, and 421C (N)
PA-28 – Ly. 160-hp w / RAM STCs