Recycled airplane parts a great way to save money

An educated owner involved in his airplane can fly safer with less amount of money. Therefore you as an airplane owner can spare your expenses while being safe. However, it takes knowledge and understanding to do so, as there are no shortcuts. Recycled airplane parts are pretty common nowadays. Online platforms and certified airplane part supplying companies provide these old parts for a fraction of the cost according to the situation compared to new parts prices. However, to play in the old airplane parts market, you need to have appropriate knowledge of the parts your mechanic can use. For example, an autopilot trim servo costs more if overhauled rather than buying a used one.

Superior Air Parts are the market leader for recycled plane parts. We ensure the best quality parts are delivered to our customers. Superior Air Parts provides its customers with trusted parts along with relevant paperwork. Our parts are certified and compliant with flying standards. Our parts have a complete history and part number as to where these parts are extracted. Superior Air Parts provides durable parts with long-lasting service life.


Therefore, our years’ worth of experience in the aviation field makes us the perfect choice for recycled airplane parts.

When purchasing a recycled airplane part, the following things should be kept into account.

A mere part number isn’t enough for a plane. It needs to have the proper paperwork.

The paperwork should have the model, make, registration and serial number of aircraft from which it was removed.

Without accurate information, there is no way to be sure if your recycled part has been extracted from a scrap bin or if it’s unworthy of recycling at the time of extraction from the plane.

Therefore, any recycled part being installed should have a pedigree.

Let’s take the example of the electric fuel pump. Manufacturers source commercially available fuel pumps and test them for proper flow rates and current. Once these fuel pumps pass inspection, they are stamped PMA. After that, they are serialized and assigned an aircraft part number. If you cross-find the same part in some automobile, it doesn’t make it legal for flying as the process of flying is much more complicated as compared to simply driving down the road.

Operational Checks and Certified Inspection

Once you know the pedigree of the airplane part, the next step is mechanic inspection. Your mechanic needs to evaluate if the recycled part is airworthy. Some cases require physical inspection of parts only. Whereas other times the parts require more information to make sure the part is within the manufacturer’s spec and perform as required. These two processes are known as operational checks and certified inspection.

Why buy from Superior Air Parts

Superior Air Part is the leading manufacturer of airplane parts. We offer parts for multiple planes from Cessna to Piper and other personal or commercial planes. We at Superior Air Parts provide durable parts to our customers. Our parts ensure quality and long-lasting service. With years of experience, our parts manufacturing is done under research. Henceforth, we follow all the safety standards while providing safer parts to our customers.

Aviation parts can often be expensive and cause a dent in your pocket. Superior Air Parts offer an extensive range of airplane parts at a very reasonable price. We care about our valuable customers; therefore, providing top-quality parts at affordable prices is our top priority.

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