Schweizer Helicopters

Light Helicopters, Covert Surveillance Aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Rapid Prototyping, Subcontract Components and Assemblies. At Schweizer Aircraft, everything we do flies. It’s been that way since our company was founded in 1939, and our new association with Sikorsky Aircraft means our legacy of flight and engineering excellence will expand and grow for many years to come.

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Schweizer Helicopters A Name You Trust

The long-established history of safety is a hallmark of Schweizer helicopters. As the most trusted light helicopter for training and missions, pilots appreciate the confidence the Schweizer 269A-D series, now S300™, S300CBi™, and S333, delivers. The S300™ series has the finest safety record of any FAA certified, piston-powered helicopters which is substantiated by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) accident statistics.

New Production of 300™ Series Schweizer Helicopters

Schweizer proudly supports all existing ships and is pleased to introduce the production of the S300™S300CBi™, and S333™.

Excellent Safety Record ● Stable Handling Characteristics ● Rugged Reliable Component Design