Superior Air Parts – USA

Superior Air Parts, Inc., is the world’s leading manufacturer of FAA approved replacement parts for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines. Along with aftermarket parts and replacement engines, Superior is also an OEM engine manufacturer, supplying the 180-horsepower Vantage Engine to various aircraft companies. Our owner-built XP-360 Engine is a performance and value leader in the sport aviation market.
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Whether it is a complete engine or an individual part, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products at competitive prices and the best customer service in the general aviation business.


Millennium Cylinders

  • Advanced aluminum alloy heads
  • Computer-generated head fin design
  • Through hardened steel barrels
  • 37 month warranty

Millennium Cylinders

  • FAA certified
  • 180-horsepower
  • Runs on Avgas or automotive gasoline*
  • Millennium Cylinders®

Millennium Cylinders

  • 150- to 185-horsepower range
  • Runs on Avgas or automotive gasoline*
  • Aircraft, helicopter and aerobatic configurations
  • Millennium Cylinders®

Millennium Cylinders

  • Over 2,000 FAA-approved PMA parts and components available
  • Manufactured with the most advanced materials
  • Sold through a global network of dealers and distributors

We started by manufacturing one simple valve guide in 1967. Today, Superior Air Parts, Inc., has over 2,000 FAA-approved Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) aftermarket replacement parts and components available for Lycoming and Continental piston aircraft engines.

Our FAA-PMA replacement parts and components are manufactured by our global supplier network and are quality controlled to the highest standards in the aviation industry. Superior doesn’t just make “me-too” parts; in many instances they are truly better than original parts.

Since our inception we have been committed to providing aircraft owners and piston engine overhaul and repair shops with the best replacement parts at the best value. Our goal is to not only help control the cost of replacement parts, but also to deliver the best possible quality and reliability.