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  • Teledyne Continental Motors, Inc. is a leading supplier of power plants for manned and unmanned aircraft, including new and rebuilt piston engines and parts for general aviation aircraft.
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Certified AvGas Engines

200 ‒ Series 

360 ‒ Series

470 ‒ Series  

500 ‒ Series  

Continental® Engine Core Amnesty

For a limited time, exchange your certified Continental® AvGas engine for a brand New or Rebuilt Continental® Factory Engine, and get 100% of core value regardless of its condition, provided the following conditions are met:

  • Applicable to a firm, non-cancellable, engine orders received by Continental® between September 1st and October 4th of 2019.
  • Applicable to orders of 200, 300, 400, and 500 series Continental® AvGas engines
  • Orders must be marked for immediate delivery, as soon as engines are available or completed by Continental®. Engine orders requesting deferred delivery will not qualify for this promotion.
  • Engine cores must still be returned through the normal RMA process regardless of their condition and must be returned to Continental® with at least the following items:

We believe in the value of our zero timed factory engines and want to make your decision easy! Even if your core does not meet the usual requirements, you won’t have to compromise and will benefit from a zero time Continental® Factory New or Rebuilt engine, enjoying the full benefits of our warranty.

To qualify for 100% of core credit, exchange engine cores must still be of the same model and configuration as the exchange factory engine delivered by Continental®. Unlike-core orders may still qualify for this promotion, but additional fees may apply depending on the differences in core value.

Continental Prime™ Certified 370 Engines

Continental Prime™ certified IO-370 engines offer reliability and durability for the most competitive price available on the market. With a power output ranging from 180 to 195 HP at 2700 RPM, and the backing of our OEM manufacturing facility, you will enjoy performance and reliability levels only available with Prime™ engines. These engines were designed specifically for high utilization, ideal for flight schools or fleet operations.

Titan™ Experimental Engines

X320 ‒ Series Engine  

X340 ‒ Series Engine  

X360 ‒ Series Engine  

X370 ‒ Series Engine  

X540 ‒ Series Engine  

Continental Prime™ FAA-Approved PMA Parts

Continental Aerospace Technologies™, as an OEM manufacturer, offers a full range of FAA-Approved PMA parts. The Continental Prime™ family of products is specifically designed for Lycoming®* engines and is manufactured in our modern manufacturing sites to the same exacting standards used for our parts.

You have the added reassurance that we use extensive quality control systems during all phases of production. In addition, we are ISO 9001:2000 compliant, hold numerous FAA Production Approvals. Over the years, we have developed many FAA STC’s and have FAA DMIR and FAA DER on staff.

We use only premium raw materials to ensure longevity, reliability and optimum performance. All at an incredibly attractive price.

Continental® stands behind the Prime™ family of products and offers a comprehensive industry leading warranty on all Prime™ products.

Continental Prime™ parts are available from your usual distributor or from our Master Distributor, Aviall. The parts you need for maintenance, unscheduled events or overhauls are in stock, ready to ship to your location. An AOG 24-hour delivery option is available.

Now available and in stock: all the parts needed for maintenance, repair or overhaul of your Lycoming®* Engine

  • Cylinders (angle and parallel valves). Continental Prime™ Angle and Parallel Valve cylinders are priced extremely competitively! NiC3® optional coating available with an extended warranty of five years or TBO (whichever comes first) against corrosion and abnormal wear.
  • Pistons
  • Rings
  • Roller Lifters
  • Roller Tappet Camshafts
  • Flat Tappets
  • Flat Tappet Camshafts
  • Crankshafts
  • Valves
  • Ignition Systems
  • Gasket Kits
  • Fuel System Components
  • Starter Adaptors
  • Starter Motors and much more!