Unison (Slick)

Unison has long been recognized as a leader in the field of aviation technology and is the preferred source for electrical and mechanical engine components. But our capabilities and expertise don’t stop there.

Today, Unison provides advanced new performance solutions for a wide variety of markets including general aviation, commercial aviation, industrial, space and defense. Unison continually sets new standards for performance, technology, and support by anticipating customer’s needs and investing in research and development.

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Power Generation

Unison Permanent Magnet Generators (PMGs) offer a high reliability and efficient power source for aircraft engines. Our products power a majority of the commercial and military aircraft in active service today. Unison PMGs incorporate advanced technologies and materials providing customized high reliability solutions, whatever the operating environment. We also manufacture power generation components on a build-to-print basis for select customers.

Performance Parameters

Unison manufactures a wide range of PMGs with a varied cross-section of operational parameters. Standard output voltage ranges are 28V to 270V AC or DC, with any number of custom voltages available. Our new insulating materials currently under development enable high voltage (>300V) operation at extended temperatures.

If your application does not fall within the minimums and extremes shown below, we may still be able to meet your needs. Click the contact link below for more information.

Parameter* Minimum Typical Extreme
Power 1.5W 3kW 250kW
Speed 3,000 RPM 30,000 RPM 120,000 RPM
Temperature –65°F 300°F 500°F
Vibration nil 10G’s 100G’s

*Individual performance and operating parameters may be mutually exclusive

Power Regulation & Control

Modern electrical systems require precise power regulation. Our field controlled regulators can reliably regulate power at better than 95% efficiency. Unison standard converters are used on aircraft such as the Boeing 757. Our regulators are built to survive harsh environments, including temperature extremes ranging from -67 F to 257 F.

Sensors, Switches, & Bellows

Sensors, switches, and integrated sensing systems are among the most precise components and instruments in any aviation, industrial, or space application. Unison has unparalleled expertise and experience in the design, development, and manufacture of these critical products.

Speed & Temperature Sensors

Whether custom designed to fit a customer’s specific needs, or one of our proven off-the-shelf solutions, our line of speed and temperature sensors are perfect for everything from high altitude, high performance aircraft to ground-based turbine and industrial applications.

Unison sensors are made rugged enough to withstand temperature and vibration extremes, stable enough to withstand high overpressure and pressure transients, and sensitive enough to provide accurate controls. Sensor types include temperature-sensitive fluid-filled bellows assemblies, Type K or E thermocouples, Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD), Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT), Total Air Temperature (TAT), and magnetic speed sensors. From prototype to production, Unison has custom solutions for even the most demanding sensing requirements and budgets.

Pressure & Limit Switches

Using our extensive experience and specialized production facilities, we have the ability to design and build custom switches that meet the unique specifications of our customers’ needs. Our best sellers include our limit, precision, snap-acting, position, fuel flow and pressure switches.


Unison can design and build custom bellows with smooth contours, uniform wall thickness, and greater strength for any application, in any industry.

Custom Designed Precision Components

From high stress oil-extracting equipment to pressure controls on space missions, Unison bellows are custom engineered to perform under stress, shock, vibration and corrosive agents. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities can accommodate prototype, short runs and long-term volume production. We provide intelligent solutions that include theoretical analysis, design, material selection, manufacturing, testing, field evaluation and service.


Unison’s harness options include braided, open bundle, and overmolded. No matter what specific harness needs you have, from ease of maintenance to durability, Unison can engineer and deliver your wiring solution.

Open Bundle Harnesses

The wiring harness of choice among the world’s leading airlines. Open bundle harnesses are inherently easier to maintain because the wires, connectors and backshells are not covered by any external covering or coating. Used in engines, engine nacelles, and inside aircraft hulls.

Closed Bundle Harnesses

The optimal wiring solution for installations in hostile environments. Closed bundle harnesses use a variety of different materials such as Nomex, PEEK, nylon and metal braiding to cover the bundles of wires inside. While slightly more difficult to service, this added protection makes the harnesses considerably more durable. Used in turbine engine hot sections, military applications and industrial applications, among others.

Overmold Harnesses

When strength matters. Overmold wiring harnesses are generally either open bundle or closed bundle harnesses that have molded joints to prevent separation or fatigue. These joints are molded over the wiring harness to provide an added measure of strength without significantly increasing cost. Used in aircraft wiring, engine harnesses, industrial applications and more.


Unison designs and manufactures a vast array of electronics. Through our engineering team we specialized in custom electronics needs. Our low software approach allows us to develop electronics, which are high fidelity, are able to perform in harsh environments while reducing development time.

Fluid Conveyance

Unison’s revolutionary fluid conveyance systems utilize advanced materials and design techniques to improve overall engine efficiency, reduce material costs, and allow for harsh environment performance.

Engine Conveyance Systems

Airframe Conveyance Systems

Flexible Joints


Unison has been disrupting the heat exchanger market with its conformal heat exchanger for years. Today, we continue to innovate with additive manufacturing, which allows for greater thermal exchange at a fraction of the size and weight of legacy heat exchangers.

Thermal Management

Unison’s innovative technology offers thermal management solutions with broad installation flexibility. Our conformal surface heat exchanger utilizes integrated fins, improving performance over brazed designs, is lower in weight, and with its surface mount design, greatly reduces air flow constriction as compared to traditional radiator type coolers. Lighter weight, improved performance, reduced fuel consumption.

Ignition Systems

Unison ignition systems are the most advanced in the industry. We are unmatched in our ability to engineer and integrate all components of the ignition system. We bring value to customers through our ability to work closely with our customers to create custom solutions to the most difficult problems.